teams & classroom are bloat. time to a chad e-learning platform
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2020-12-04 12:04label fix, completed test w/out answerskocotian1+33-27
2020-11-27 20:26informations about members and test completionskocotian1+12-1
2020-11-27 20:01le descriptionkocotian4+4-4
2020-11-27 19:47content blocks additionkocotian2+66-1
2020-11-27 19:30tags, course members, license.php updatekocotian3+20-1
2020-11-27 18:35course joiningkocotian4+37-1
2020-11-27 17:42tests, css tweaks, courses tweakskocotian4+107-91
2020-11-27 12:04tests in courses, joined courses, more card paddinkocotian4+128-8
2020-11-27 10:53registration, courseskocotian7+168-12
2020-11-27 08:51authorization completed, license, logout, bugfixeskocotian9+485-19
2020-11-26 20:53auth beginning, register btn, form details, dbkocotian3+52-3
2020-11-26 20:35css, logging in form, index contentkocotian6+118-3
2020-11-26 20:05initialkocotian1+11-0