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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,7 +1,3 @@ -![sandwich]( - -Apologies to [Randall Monroe]( - # OpenDoas: a portable version of OpenBSD's `doas` command `doas` is a minimal replacement for the venerable `sudo`. It was @@ -9,47 +5,41 @@ initially [written by Ted Unangst]( of the OpenBSD project to provide 95% of the features of `sudo` with a fraction of the codebase. -This is still a work in progress! Please do not deploy yet in a critical -environment! Of note, `doas` semantics may yet change, and I haven't -performed even a trivial security audit of my additions. +At the moment only linux with GLIBC or musl libc is supported and tested. ## Building and installing -Building `doas` should be just a simple `make` away. - -The included makefile also has an installation target. Installation -requires root access to properly set the executable permissions. You'll -also need to install a `doas.conf` file: - ``` -make && sudo make install -echo "permit :admin" | sudo tee /etc/doas.conf +$ ./configure +$ make +# make install ``` -Oh the irony, using `sudo` to install `doas`! - ## About the port +This is not an official port/project from OpenBSD! + As much as possible I've attempted to stick to `doas` as tedu desired it. As things stand it's essentially just code lifted from OpenBSD with -PAM based authentication glommed on to it. +PAM or shadow based authentication glommed on to it. + +Compatibility functions in libopenbsd come from openbsd directly +(`strtonum.c`, `reallocarray.c`, `strlcpy.c`, `strlcat.c`), +from openssh (`readpassphrase.c`) or from sudo (`closefrom.c`). -I've used cvsync and git-cvsimport to retain the history of the core -source files. I may choose to go back and do the same with some of the -compatibility functions (such as reallocarray.c). +The PAM and shadow authentication code does not come from the OpenBSD project. -I have found it necessary to make some fixes to the codebase. One was -a segfault due to differences in yacc/bison, others were just minor -fixes to warnings. Once this appears stable, I may try to upstream some -of these. +### Perist/Timestamp/Timeout -Currently, this is only tested on MacOSX 10.10 with Clang. My next goal -is support for Fedora Linux as well. Contributions gladly accepted. ;-) +The persist feature is disabled by default and can be enabled with the configure +flag `--with-timestamp`. -## Copyright +This feature is new and potentially dangerous, in the original doas, a kernel API +is used to set and clear timeouts. This API is openbsd specific and no similar API +is available on other operating systems. -All code from OpenBSD is licensed under the BSD license, please see -individual files for details as the specific text varies from file to -file. +As a workaround, the persist feature is implemented using timestamp files +similar to sudo. -All code I've written is licensed with the 2-clause BSD. +See the comment block in `timestamp.c` for an in-depth description on how +timestamps are created and checked to be as safe as possible.