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Replace build/installation instructions with discouragements

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -5,15 +5,21 @@ initially [written by Ted Unangst]( of the OpenBSD project to provide 95% of the features of `sudo` with a fraction of the codebase. -At the moment only linux with GLIBC or musl libc is supported and tested. - -## Building and installing - -``` -$ ./configure -$ make -# make install -``` +## Building and installation discouragements + +There are a few steps you have to carefully consider before building and installing +opendoas: + +* There are less eyes on random doas ports, just because sudo had a vulnerability + does not mean random doas ports are more secure if they are not reviewed + or pam is configured incorrectly. +* If you want to use pam; You have to [configure pam](#pam-configuration) + and failing to do so correctly might leave a big open door. +* Use the configure script to configure the opendoas. +* Use the default make target to build the software. +* If you really want to install a setuid binary that depends on + pam being correctly configured, use the make install target + to install the software. ## About the port