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diff --git a/geniuses b/geniuses @@ -76,6 +76,8 @@ entirely Dennis Ritchie's work". 📕🤝 @helloworld.png +Linux and GNU 🐧 + —— Linus Torvalds —— @linus.png @@ -109,6 +111,49 @@ He came back to University in 1990. Torvalds got his first computer, Commodore VIC-20, when he was 11. +—— Richard Stallman —— + +@richard.png + +Richard Matthew Stallman was born on 16th of March 1953 in New York. +He is a hacker and one of the creators of the Free Software Movement. +Richard Stallman is also creator of a GNU operating system - a fully +free, open UNIX-like operating system. + +27th of September 1983 he published in Usenet information +about creating a new, free system and two years later he +published a GNU Manifest. + +GNU project bringed a GNU GPL family licensed. +General Public License version II has the following +assumptions: + +[0] - freedom to run program for any purpose +[1] - freedom to analyze how program works and customizing + to suit own needs +[2] - freedom to distribute unmodified copy of the program +[3] - freedom to improve the program and publicly distribute + your own enhancements so that the whole community can + benefit + +All of the modified GPL-licensed programs must be +redistributed on the same license. + +@santastallman.png + +Richard wanted to bring software like in beginning of +computer era - where everyone can see how the software +works and customize to suit own needs. Things like GPL +helped reach the point of GNU. + +GNU programs like gcc, glibc or bash are bloated, +but probably without GNU, GPL and a Free Software +Movement our world will be much more proprietary +and computer freedom will be smaller than a dmenu +code. + +TempleOS ✝ + —— Terry Davis —— @terry.png @@ -162,6 +207,9 @@ On evening of 11th August of 2018, while walking alongside railroad in The Dalles in Oregon, Davis was hitten by a train and died. 😭😭😭 and +software speed 📈 + —— Anselm Garbe —— @anselm.png diff --git a/richard.png b/richard.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/santastallman.png b/santastallman.png Binary files differ.