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terry a. davis, part II

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diff --git a/geniuses b/geniuses @@ -1,4 +1,5 @@ # vim:ft=conf + Geniuses in technology and Open Source world @@ -66,6 +67,37 @@ between C and C++, called by fans as C🕇. @templelogo.png +TempleOS is a modern, 64-bit operating system wrote from scratch in HolyC +and, as we can read on official github repository of TempleOS, using this +os we can "Talk to God on up to 64 cores". Latest and final version is +V5.03. + +@templeui.png + +TempleOS ran in text mode with limited features like screen with resolution +640x480 and only 16 colors and single audio voice, which were designed +according to explicit instructions from God. + +Final release of TempleOS had ultimately written 100KLOC for OS which included +a Kernel, Adam (something like init in UNIX), Compiler, Bible (accessible via +Ctrl+Alt+B), Text Editor with several amazing features, eg. embedding images, +3D graphics, hyperlinks in plain ASCII files, original Flight Simulator and many +other games and programs. + +TempleOS code is publicly accessible and licensed as Public Domain. +Terry's Operating System have even amazing features which are random number +generator that allow user to communicate with God and listen God Songs. + +During final months of Terry's live, Terry was homeless. Some of fans +helped him by bringing him supplies and proposed housing offers, but Terry +refused them. In his final video uploaded a few hours before his death, he +stated on the end: "It's good to be king. Wait, maybe. I think maybe I'm +just like a little bizarre little person who walks back and forth. Whatever, +you know, but..." + +On evening of 11th August of 2018, while walking alongside railroad in The +Dalles in Oregon, Davis was hitten by a train and died. + —— Anselm Garbe —— diff --git a/templeui.png b/templeui.png Binary files differ.