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diff --git a/brian.png b/brian.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/geniuses b/geniuses @@ -44,15 +44,16 @@ left us things, that we uses everyday. @ken.png -Ken Thompson was born on 4th of February 1943 in -New Orleans. Ken studied on Univeristy of California. +Kenneth Lane Thompson was born on 4th of +February 1943 in New Orleans. Ken studied +on Univeristy of California. -Thompson with Ritchie, McIlroy and Ossanna worked on -UNIX operating system. +Thompson with Ritchie, Kerninghan, etc. +worked on UNIX operating system. He created also B programming language, a precursor for a C programming language. He wrote also ed, which IS A -STANDARD TEXT EDITOR! and grep. He also created Plan 9th +STANDARD TEXT EDITOR! and grep. He also created Plan 9 from Bell Labs. He is well known for UNIX username ken with uid 6 @@ -62,6 +63,18 @@ and home in /usr/ken, no in /home/ken. —— Brian Kerninghan —— +@brian.png + +Brian Wilson Kerninghan was born in 1st of +January 1942 in Toronto. He contributed to +UNIX and created AWK programming language. + +Brian is well known for co-authorship of the first book +about C programming language with Ritchie. Kerninghan +affirmed that he had no part in designing C - "it's +entirely Dennis Ritchie's work". + +@helloworld.png —— Linus Torvalds —— diff --git a/helloworld.png b/helloworld.png Binary files differ.