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diff --git a/geniuses b/geniuses @@ -207,3 +207,27 @@ Do programs that handle text streams, because it's the universal interface. —— Luke Smith —— + +@luke.png + +Luke Smith is a internet creator. He brings many interesting +videos about free and open source software, especially Vim, +dwm, st, dmenu, sent, UNIX piping and scripting, mutt and many +other software that speeds up workflow. He also brings videos +about privacy and independence in internet. + +Luke also wrote 4 major scripts - emailwiz, mutt-wizard, lb and +the most important - LARBS. + +@larbs.png + +LARBS is an efficient shell script that works under Arch and Artix +Linux (but will work also on other Arch-Based systems like for +example Parabola GNU/Linux-Libre). LARBS on fresh install of Arch +installs a dotfiles - configuration files, custom builds of dwm, st, +dmenu and many other usable programs. + +——— Thanks for watching 😂👌 ——— +Created by: +- Kacper Kocot 😎 +- diff --git a/larbs.png b/larbs.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/luke.png b/luke.png Binary files differ.