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unix and multics; dennis ritchie

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diff --git a/geniuses b/geniuses @@ -0,0 +1,29 @@ +Geniuses in technology + +UNIX and Multics + +—— Dennis Ritchie —— + +Dennis MacAllistar Ritche born in 9 September 1941 in Bronxville. +He studied math and physics on Harvard University and became Ph.D. + +In 60' of XX Century, MIT and Bell Labs started work on Multics +system. Multics, programmed for GE-645 computers had many innovative +solutions, for example - dynamic libraries, hierarchical file system, +hot-plugging devices. + +Unfortunately, Bell Labs left the project in 1969, Dennis with +Ken Thompson, Douglas McIlroy and Joe Ossanna were last workers +that worked on Multics. They wanted to start new work from scratch, +but on lower scale. + +UNIX have many innovative features like processes, device files, +hierarchical file systems, etc. +UNIX also bringed UNIX Timestamp - Number of seconds passed from +00:00:00, 01 January 1970 UTC Time, and that is commonly used +standard. + +# C programming language + +Dennis died in 12 October 2011 aged 70 and he left us things, that +we uses everyday.