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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,2 +1,44 @@ # chvids POSIX sh script for listing, watching and downloading YouTube channels videos from terminal + +## installation +```sh +$ git clone +# make install +``` + +## usage +There are 2 scripts - **chvids**, main script used to get channel videos and list them or play/download selected and second script, **channels** that is frontend to **chvids**, script gets urls from newsboat config file and parses them. + +**channels** usage: +simply write +``` +$ channels +``` +and you will get interactive prompt where you can type: +- `l` to list all channels +- `s` to select channel, if you type `s`, you will get next prompt, where you must write selected channel number or `l`/`h`/`q` +- `h` to get help +- `q` to quit + +If you select channel, you will get next interactive prompt, now from **chvids** script. There are similar usage: +- `l` to list all videos +- `p` to play video +- `d` to download video +- `h` to help +- `q` to quit + +`p` and `d` in **chvids** is similar to `s` in **channels**. + +## configuration +**channels** script is strictly based on newsboat config file. Script gets all YouTube links from file and parses them. +If you want add or remove channels, open this file. File path is `~/.config/newsboat/urls`. +Remember that file must be in this format: +``` +<CHANNEL ID> <Tab> "~<Channel name>" +``` +for example: +``` + "~Luke Smith" +``` +of course, **channels** is only frontend for main **chvids** scripts. You can write own scripts that will get an YouTube channel ID and give it as an argument to **chvids** script. **chvids** is less configurable, only thing that you would edit is **OpenTube** instance, but in time where i write this README, probably there are only one instance (maybe because code is only on my server for now, cause it's still in alpha, but i hope that in the nearest future code will be published for other peoples).